About Us


Yad Aharon & MichaeIMG_9137is a registered non-profit organization (PBO No. 930009548), which was founded 20 years ago by two women who identified a need for food assistance amongst a handful of Jewish families in their community.

The name of the organisation commemorates two personalities, Rabbi Aharon Pfeuffer (zt”l) and Michael Zive (z”l) who were tragically killed in a car accident shortly after the organisation’s inception. The absolute confidentiality, sensitivity and compassion which have characterised the organisation’s modus operandi right from the outset, mirrors their passion for and wholehearted commitment to the mitzvot of Chesed and Tzedokah, and we could not have wished for more inspiring role models.


The preservation of our recipients’ self-esteem has been a cornerstone of the organisation since its inception and Yad Aharon & Michael pledges its continued and unwavering commitment to safeguarding the dignity of all its recipients.

Yad Aharon & Michael’s mission is to assist needy families in the greater Johannesburg area with weekly food parcels consisting of an array of seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables, potatoes, freshly baked bread, eggs and “proteins of the week”. With so many relying on our hampers as their principal source of food, we constantly strive to increase their content, thereby ensuring that every Jewish man, woman and child is afforded the basic right to a nutritionally balanced diet.


The atmosphere of Ahavas Chesed permeates through the organisation. Yad Aharon & Michael provides a “home away from home” which nurtures many suffering souls. Our recipients look to us not only for physical sustenance, but also (and possibly more importantly) for spiritual and emotional support.

As one of our recipients succinctly put it, “It’s the Heart of ‘Yaddies’ that feeds the soul”.


Yad Aharon & Michael ensures that the major Jewish Festivals never go by unnoticed and the anticipation, excitement and gratitude on the part of our clients when they are given additional “dry goods” hampers consisting of all the basic foodstuffs necessary for a plentiful and kosher Yom Tov, is truly overwhelming. Items which most of us tend to take for granted constitute veritable luxuries which are treasured and stretched far beyond the confines of the Yom Tov periods. “One who graciously gives to the poor lends to G-d and He repays him in return” (Proverbs) One of the 3 pillars which uphold the continuity of the world is “acts of loving kindness”, the very essence of Yad Aharon & Michael’s raison d’etre.


Fulfilling the mitzvah of Chesed with the correct intention is an awesome responsibility and we warmly invite you to join us, partner us in experiencing first-hand, one of Life’s truly enriching lessons: that “Giving is, in fact, an act of Receiving”.