21 Main Street, Rouxville, Johannesburg, South Africa.


1. Donate 67 minutes of your time to Yad Aharon & Michaelnmday
2. Volunteer weekly and help pack food parcels for our 550 recipient families
3. Volunteer monthly and help pack our Ohr Natanel School Lunch-Box hampers
4. Deliver a food-box to an elderly recipient (ie become a weekly driver)
5. Volunteer and work in our Soup Kitchen
6. Sponsor-a-Family’s food parcel for the week
7. Adopt-a-Family and sponsor their food for the year
8. Sign a monthly debit order (download form from this site)
9. Add us as a beneficiary on your internet banking
10. Sponsor-a-Pot of soup (R450) for ‘Yad’s Soup for the Soul’
11. Sponsor-a-Day at our soup kitchen (R2400)
12. Drop off a Kosher cake for recipients to enjoy
13. Sponsor a Shabbos Meal for a family
14. Invite a family to your home for a Shabbos meal
15. Donate Kosher chickens towards our ‘Chickens for Shabbos’ project
16. Sponsor two Challah’s every Shabbos (excludes Pesach!!)
17. Sponsor-a-Child’s school lunch (an Ohr Natanel box @ R270 per month)
18. Purchase extra treats to be packed into the Ohr Natanel boxes
19. Collect our Pushka tin for your home
20. Deliver another to someone who will use it
21. Remember to return your full Pushka tins to our Bayit
22. Drop off tinned foods for ‘Yad’s Supermarket’ (Chesed from the Garden of Eden project)
23. Drop off toiletries and cleaning aids for ‘Yad’s Supermarket’
24. Redeem your Smart Shopper points and donate them to us
25. Redeem your other loyalty cards and donate monies to us
26. Sponsor school stationery packs for our ‘Back to School’ stationery drive
27. Donate text-books and dictionaries
28. Sponsor a school uniform
29. Send a gift certificate to someone you love, in lieu of a gift
30. View and purchase our range of Shabbos and Yom Tov gifts
31. Grow a veggie garden for us
32. Spring-clean your house and donate to ‘Yad’s Shop’
33. Donate your old designer clothing to ‘YA Vintage’ – our new vintage shop
34. Teach a recipient a new skill
35. Offer recipient children extra-lessons
36. Donate your Timeshare to someone who has never seen the ocean
37. Professionals: give of your skills on a pro-bona basis
38. Retailers: send your discontinued items our way
39. Donate food items to us, that are close to expiry date
40. Sacrifice eating in a restaurant and donate vouchers to someone less fortunate to enjoy
41. Host a fundraising event and ensure we are the beneficiaries
42. Start a “50/50 Club” with your friends and donate to Yaddies
43. Start a Knit-A-Thon – our recipients will appreciate the blankets!
44. Donate foods/clothing towards our own Outreach programme
45. Donate in the memory of a departed loved one
46. Empower another to become self-reliant
47. Send us a Job Spec if you are recruiting
48. Donate books: reading alleviates loneliness
49. Join, Like and Share our Facebook Page
50. Blog about us
51. Watch and share our video (available on this site)
52. Fill our Wish-List (on this site)
53. Commit to telling a friend about the work we do
54. Offer a recipient a lift
55. Donate a lap-top or office furniture to our Bayit
56. Visit ‘Frangelicas’ (Glenhazel) and PAY-IT-FORWARD (details in store)
57. Sponsor a specific food item for our reputable Yom Tov parcels
58. Incorporate us in your Simcha by ensuring we receive the left-overs from the caterers
59. Project Manage our ‘salvage initiative’
60. Celebrate part of your Bar/Bat Mitzvah at Yaddies with your family and friends
61. Donate ‘targeted Tzedakah’ on your special day
62. Include us in your wedding gift registry (donations in the name of the bride and groom)
63. Play your weekly card game and donate the winnings to us
64. Take on a new challenge and get friends to sponsor you
65. Share your successful fundraising ideas with us
66. Arrange a Shabbos Collection for Yaddies
*For more information on any of the above please call Jody on 0114852076.