21 Main Street, Rouxville, Johannesburg, South Africa.

A Place like no other

I have always maintained that Yad Aharon & Michael is ‘a place like no other’, not only because of yadimageour total commitment to excelling as ‘The Jewish Food Fund’, but also because we are privileged to work in a miracle – where Hashem’s involvement is unmistakable.

On Monday the 15th of June, I was called to Reception to meet Georgia Berman, a beautiful young lady who had just celebrated her Bat Mitzvah. Her proud Mom explained that Georgia’s Aunt in America had sent her $100 as a gift which Georgia decided to donate to our organisation (once the money had been converted to Rands). Assuming that she was giving the mandatory 10% of the gift, I praised her for actualising the mitzvah of Tzedokah immediately upon becoming a Bat Mitzvah, thereby touching the lives of people beyond her immediate family circle, only to be told that she was donating the entire gift! I made an instant decision to publicise this amazing gesture in the hope that Georgia will inspire other girls to follow in her footsteps. MAZELTOV!

Alice Friedman

Managing Director

Yad Aharon & Michael

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