21 Main Street, Rouxville, Johannesburg, South Africa.

A very concerned elderly couple approached our table…

I was sitting at Genesis handing out our Brochures informing the public of the launch of Yad Aharon’s new image when a very concerned elderly couple approached our table. The lady put some dry goods into the trolley which stood on the side and she expressed her dismay at the fact that we are now assisting 640 families. She proceeded to share the following story with me:

“Many years ago, not long after the organization moved to Main Street, I was giving a lift to a friend when a man walked into Yad to collect his parcel. I happened to be waiting outside when he got back to his car. He put the box on the bonnet, took one slice of bread from the loaf in his food parcel. He proceeded to divide it into 2 pieces, handing 1 to his wife and they both ate their halves before driving off. I have never forgotten this image. It is engrained in my mind. I couldn’t believe how hungry these people must have been, not only that they needed to eat something before driving off, but also that they rationed their bread. That image has remained etched in my mind “.

I proceeded to tell her about our very popular Soup Kitchen and I assured her that our nutritionally-balanced and generous food parcels go a long way towards providing our families the sustenance they require. As she and her husband made their way out of the center, her sensitivity and “spunky” disposition made my 3-hour shift so worthwhile and her smile intimated that I too had made her day by reassuring her that Yad will always be “a home away from home” for everyone who relies on us for food”.

Ariella Terespolsky

(Financial Manager)