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About Yad Aharon & Michael

“Over 20 years ago, we were feeding 2 families per week – Today we feed 700 families, each and every week “

“On behalf of Yad Aharon & Michael – The Jewish Food Fund – I welcome you to our website. We are a registered non-profit organisation (PBO No. 9300009548), founded over 20 years ago, by two women who identified a need for food assistance amongst a handful of Jewish families in the Yeoville community.

The organisation found its name after Rabbi Aharon Pfeuffer (zt”l) and Michael Zive (z”l) were tragically killed in a car accident soon after the organisation’s inception. It is in their memory that we carry out our mission. Rabbi Pfeuffer and Michael Zive were renowned for their generosity, kindness and for their selfless hearts. Their commitment to the upliftment of those less fortunate is continued through the work of Yad Aharon & Michael. The absolute confidentiality, sensitivity and compassion which have characterised the organisation’s modus operandi right from the outset, mirrors their passion for and wholehearted commitment to the Mitzvot of Chesed and Tzedakah. We could not have wished for more inspiring role models.

Our mandate is to assist needy Jewish families in the greater Johannesburg area with weekly, fresh produce food hampers, as well as give them access to our various other Food Projects.

The preservation of the recipients’ self-esteem has been a cornerstone of the organisation since its inception. Each of our recipient families is assigned a specific box number, which they quote on when collecting their food. This system safeguards their anonymity and also ensures that the Tzedakah that is done at our organisation is the highest form of Chesed – in that the giver never knows who receives and the recipient never knows who gives.

Yad Aharon & Michael is home away from home: it is a place of comfort and dignity where everyone feels safe, welcomed, heard and understood. We invite you to browse our site or even pop into our ‘Bayit’. Donate, partner with and commit to making a difference.”

Alice Friedman

Your donations allow us to supply nutritious food parcels to Jewish families in need. The continuation of our cause is contingent on your generosity, so we need your help.
And Make A Difference That Matters

Our Weekly Food Hampers – which we currently provide to 640 families – remain Yad Aharon & Michael’s core project. The logistics around the ordering, packing and distributing is a monumental task which is carried out each and every week with precision, care and sensitivity. We always strive to ensure that the food parcels are of the highest nutritional value; and that they are visually palatable, colourful and varied.

This project was established in the memory of Natanel Feigenbaum (z’l), a 15 year old child who was tragically taken from us in the prime of his life. We are honoured to commemorate such a special soul with this meaningful project which is his legacy.Once a month we pack dry goods hampers for our recipient families with children of school going age. These lunchbox hampers (often referred to as “happiness in a box”) comprise of items such as tuna, cheese, biscuits, cereal bars, crisps, pretzels and many other treats, thereby relieving the stress felt by Moms when they pack their children’s lunchboxes.

This is a unique project, in that it involves all the children from the Jewish Day Schools in Johannesburg, in the Mitzvot of Tzedakah and Chesed, in a tangible and meaningful way. Our ‘Bayit’ houses a very popular dry-goods Supermarket, which our recipient families shop in (at no cost to them), and with thanks to Chesed from the Garden of Eden, the donations from school children keep the shelves well-stocked, throughout the year. The project is the brain-child of Morris Behr and we are extremely fortunate to have Adrienne Hersch Properties and Chatz Cellular as sponsors of this initiative.

In our on-going quest to ensure nutritional security for our recipient families, we embarked on another innovative and much needed project: “Yad’s Soup for the Soul”. Our Soup Kitchen serves wholesome, delicious soup, coupled with sandwiches/pies/sweet treats and more. Recipients enjoy their time with us, relaxing and mingling in the nurturing ambiance which has become synonymous with “Yaddies”. Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors and the dedication of our volunteers, our varied menus nourish the mind, body and soul.

For most of our recipient families, chickens for Shabbos are an unaffordable “treat”. When Gerald Rosenberg, lovingly known as “the Chicken Man” and an ardent supporter of our cause, passed away on 20 Cheshvan 5774, we decided to establish this project as a tribute to a man whose Ahavas Chesed resonates so deeply with Yad Aharon & Michael’s essence. This project runs on donations from the public and the monies are then used to buy chickens to give to our recipient families specifically for use on Shabbos.

Before all the major Chagim, our recipients look forward to our renowned Yom Tov hampers which burst with dry-goods, groceries, chickens, vegetables and an abundance of traditional foods – which are particular for that festival. Our costs rise considerably over these periods and we run dedicated campaigns to raise the additional funds necessary to enable us to provide our recipients with the extra hampers. Many contributing donors find this form of Tzedakah to be an an extension of their own festive meal which is an extremely rewarding experience.

In as much as Yad Aharon & Michael focuses primarily on the needs of our own Jewish community, we are not oblivious to the dire circumstances of the countless number of desperate South Africans whos day to day survival is a relentless struggle. Our various Outreach Programmes, therefore, are not only an opportunity to network with other NPO’s who share our mission of alleviating poverty in our midst, but they also enable us to, in turn, fulfil the Mitzvah of Chesed by touching the lives of those whose predicament seems infinitely more desperate than our own. The gratitude with which our programmes are met is truly limitless. The initiator of this project, our MD Alice Friedman has definitely succeeding at bringing a ray of hope to many desperate folk.