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Pesach 2016


With Pesach preparations well under way, the Yad Aharon Bayit is a hive of activity on all fronts. Our dedicated team of fundraisers are working tirelessly, determined to meet our R1,5 million target and trucks have been delivering our orders for the past 10 days. However, it has come to my attention that many of you did not receive our initial Pesach Appeal which was emailed out shortly after Purim, and I am therefore sending out this follow-up letter. If you have already made your contribution, thereby enabling us to provide Pesach hampers to our 580 families, please accept my apologies for including you in on this follow-up Appeal and I thank you for enabling us to fulfill our truly awesome mandate.

With a few days to go to the Chag, there is no better time to partner with us in ensuring that “All who are hungry, come and partake of our Pesach feast”, thereby experiencing the sweet taste of Freedom from all forms of bondage.

I never thought that I would use such jarring adjectives like “desperate” and “destitute” when referring to fellow-Yidden but, unfortunately, this is the situation in which an escalating number of families within our community find themselves. The disbelief from many community members whom I have personally approached for much-needed assistance in order to pay our suppliers, has led me to believe that perhaps there is possibly a lack of awareness of the rampant desperation and poverty in our community.

Despite the increased costs of each Pesach hamper – compared to previous years – decreasing the food quantities or the variety of fresh produce and basic groceries which we include in the boxes, was not an option. And we will, once again, be distributing food parcels fit for royalty and upon which our 580 families are reliant. Incidentally, I have thus far received no less than 40 new requests for Pesach parcels from families who wouldn’t be able to celebrate Pesach without our help and I expect this number to grow substantially as we get closer to the Chag. Hosting those in need at our Yom Tov tables may not be practically possible but, by contributing to our cause, you will occupy a place at our “virtual Seder”, thereby engaging in the miraculous journey “from bondage to freedom” beyond the confines of your home. As the countdown to Pesach continues, NOW is the time to partner with us and, together, we will make a tangible and unforgettable difference to the lives of over 1 500 souls. PLEASE DONATE TODAY.

I wish you and your loved ones a Chag Pesach Kasher ve Sameach and an abundance of Hashem’s blessings.
Alice Friedman (Mrs.)
Managing Director
DONATIONS: NEDBANK / BRANCH CODE: 151105 / ACC NO: 1911 087 363 / OR DONATE ONLINE www.yadaharon.co.za