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It’s Pesach time once again and this year we are celebrating the FORTITUDE of our ancestors who spent 40 years in the desert in order to liberate us from bondage to freedom. It is this same quality that we know our recipient families all possess in order to continue on, despite their hardships. Fortitude, which is a strength of mind & character and which speaks of bravery and courage is one of the most vital qualities which one can possess in the face of any struggle and it is this that we have chosen to highlight this year.

We hope that our recipients will all find this strength so that they may enjoy a plentiful Chag, free from worry! We are providing our 580 families with Pesach Hampers which will be filled with fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, chicken and fish as well as all the grocery items necessary for a joyous and hearty Pesach. But, we need your help to be able to do this!

We ask you to join us in the mitzvah of giving this Pesach and donate to our Pesach Drive. You can click here to donate online or email lori@yadaharon.co.za for more details!

Thank you all for your continued and valued support! We wish you all a Chag Pesach Kasher ve Sameach!

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