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Rosh Hashanah 2016

Dear Valued Donors,Header Rosh Hashanah 2016
The month of Elul evokes many themes: teshuvah (return); tefillah (prayer) and tzedakah (charity) and, as we accelerate towards Rosh Hashanah, we learn more, we pray more, we cry out to Hashem as we review our deeds and spiritual progress over the past year and prepare for the upcoming Days of Awe. As I was researching material which resonated with our cause for this year’s Yom Tov Appeal, I came across a story about the Grandfather of a Bar Mitzvah boy whose message really ‘spoke to me’ and which I’d like to share:
After Mendi’s Bar Mitzvah Simcha, he eagerly opened his gifts, starting with the one from his Grandfather. The gift contained a generous sum of money, together with an old-fashioned glass Coca Cola bottle. Mendi looked puzzled, so his Zaidi explained that the bottle contained an important message, which he believed to be the key to success in life: “Nowadays, when you buy a bottle of soda, you pay a deposit, which you receive back when you return the bottle. Etched in the glass of this old bottle which I have given you, are the words, ‘No deposit No return’ and it is a lesson which you should always remember. In life, if one expects a ‘return,’ it is necessary to make a ‘deposit.’ One cannot sit back and rely on miracles alone. It is up to you, Mendi to put forth the effort and make the ‘deposit’, and when we do, the ‘return’ is usually well worth it”.
In all my years with Yad, I have witnessed with deep humility the selfless contributions made by our donors, supporters and volunteers which have all undoubtedly played a vital role in the organisation reaping happy and bountiful returns through Hashem’s manifold blessings. After all, our mission is to ensure that His children are fed and sustained, a responsibility which we don’t take lightly and which we regard as a communal one.
In our quest for self-improvement, divine mercy and forgiveness, Elul is a most opportune time for making ‘deposits’ through teshuvah (“return” to G d), tefillah (prayer), tzedakah (charity) and increased ahavat Yisrael (love for our fellow Jews). Yad is unique in that, as the largest food g’mach in the country, we witness first-hand the devastating impact of nutritional insecurity on our families and, as the financial stranglehold tightens, we depend wholly on your ‘deposits’ with the assurance that they will yield tangible and satisfying ‘returns’ for yourselves, our recipients and us as the custodians of your tzedakah. Our Yom Tov hampers are renowned for their abundance and variety and diminishing their contents due to escalating costs is not an option! We cannot fulfill our mandate without your financial support and I implore you to dig deep and assist us to reach our record R1 900 000 budget. Food and celebration are inextricably linked in Jewish life, so let’s rise to the challenge of ensuring the peace of mind of another 560 families over the High Holy Days.
May this Rosh Hashana usher a happy, peaceful and sweet new year for our families, our community and for Klal Yisrael and may the warm atmosphere of belonging and unity continue to grow in our wonderful organisation.
With warm regards, abundant blessings and heartfelt appreciation,
Alice Friedman (Mrs)
Managing Director
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