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I recently came across an article entitled “Writing our own Sefer Torah” as symbolized by the mitzvah of purchasing an entire Parsha, or just one letter of a new Torah scroll, thereby contributing to its completion. Miraculously, our entire Rosh Hashanah campaign unfolded in my mind’s eye and instinctively I knew that ‘Sweetening our Apple One Yad at a Time’ would attract community involvement across the board.

If you liken this idea to say, completing a large communal puzzle, it is a daunting task to consider. However, Yad Aharon & Michael does not operate in a vacuum.  By ‘purchasing’ a Yad (to the value of your choice as indicated below), not only will you be sponsoring a family’s festive meals from Rosh Hashanah through to Simchas Torah, but you will experience the privilege of seeing our ‘puzzle’ coming together in totality! Every contribution will be united or combined into one as part of a whole, thereby working with others for the common good. That, according to Rav Lipschutz defines the true meaning of Achdus.

Doing chesed for another, versus doing chesed for an extension of yourself are two very different things. One can do an act of chesed that highlights the differences between people — and, no doubt, such acts are necessary and deeply beneficial (for both parties). But one can also perform acts of chesed that highlight the fundamental unity and connection between the giver and the receiver.

True Achdus – something that is so desperately needed right now in these trying times – is distinctly not about how much friendship we have for one another. Rather, it is about realizing that you and the other are in reality one and the same. It is not a question of “How do we help them?”  We are them; and they are us! This is our fight, and our struggle.

An essential element of genuine teshuva (repentance) is our desire to renew or consolidate our own personal relationships, primarily with the Almighty and secondly, with our Jewish brethren. This desire to help others comes, not just as a duty, but, more importantly, through the love of others and it extends to those we don’t even know. Indeed, Elul focuses on becoming involved in the klal (‘the whole’) because, the more people need us, the more happiness we bring into the world and spread around, the more reason there is for Hashem to keep us here.

In the High Holy Days, we are judged “maaseh ish upekudato” – over and above our mitzvah observance, there is also a judgement as to whether we are fulfilling our own personal tafkid (purpose) in life. At Yad Aharon & Michael, our niche in serving the Almighty is well-established, known and respected and, by partnering with us for the common good, every needy family known to us will herald the New Year with joy, sweetness and renewed hope.

I take this opportunity to thank you, in advance, for your generous donation:

Costs of 3 food hampers per family:-

Small Yad (Family) R1800

Medium Yad (Family) R2400

Large Yad (Family) – R3600

Extra Large Yad (Family) –R4600

(Part-sponsorships also welcome)

With warm regards and sincere wishes for a K’siva ve chassima Tova and well over the Fast.

Alice Friedman (Mrs)

Managing Director