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Rosh Hashannah

Rosh Hashannah is nearly upon us and it is that time of year when we all tend to take a look at the year that has passed and take stock of where we are in all facets of our lives. We have decided to look to the new year in hope of change, for the better. While we face challenges everyday, we are positive that Hashem will bless us with everything that we need to continue to fulfil our mission.

Our Yom Tov Hampers are reputed to be extraordinary and the excitement and disbelief etched on our recipients’ faces when they witness their contents is truly something to behold! Our Yom Tov Hampers are filled with same abundance that every single Jewish Family should experience at a Rosh Hashannah dinner and we are very proud of the hampers which we provide to our recipients.

We invite you to join us in becoming a part of the true mitzvah of giving. This year it’s as simple as the click of a button as you can now donate online by clicking the DONATE tab. We also provide beautiful Yom Tov gift certificates in place of Yom Tov gifts. Email Batya on info@yadaharon.co.za for details!

We make a living by what what we get, but we make a life by what we give. Here is to a sweet new year and to new beginnings!