21 Main Street, Rouxville, Johannesburg, South Africa.

The new Comfort Room at Yad Aharon & Michael!


Dani Abrams of “Camelot Interiors” transformed the comfort room at Yad Aharon & Michael from drab to fab!

Dani’s unique style and hands-on, professional service brought HUG MUG CAFÉ to life. Her practical and exquisite tastes; use of natural colours; and tailor-made brilliance led to the creation of this warm space for Yad Aharon’s clients to chill in: enjoying a chat; teas and treats; and feeling very much at home.  

The comfort room was established in the loving memory of Dr Hymie and Lola Klugman – generously sponsored by their daughters.


For all your interior needs, contact Dani on 082 261 1775. 

For a reference please contact Alice Friedman on 0114852076.