21 Main Street, Rouxville, Johannesburg, South Africa.



The Rabbi Kraines Chessed Challenge (RKCC) was the “brainchild” of Rabbi Krohn (Shlita) and, in 2019, the Kraines family turned that dream into reality. Driven to maximize the level of chessed in our community during the 49 days of the Omer, the initiative enjoys the support of Chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein, the Jewish day schools, prominent Rabbonim and community leaders.

Rabbi Kraines (zt”l)’s untimely passing in Israel left a palpable void in the Johannesburg community where he served as Rabbi of Ohr Somayach (Sandton) and as the much-loved and respected Principal of Shaarei Torah Schools for 14yrs.6mth. He was a visionary who his son, Yehuda, has described as selfless, dependable, deeply caring and a champion of the mitzvah of chessed. 

Therefore, when Yehuda approached Yad Aharon to discuss the aim of the programme and propose a Food Drive as “a memorable experience that would drive the point home”, we considered it a privilege to align ourselves with such a meaningful initiative. Not only has the response to this appeal reaffirmed the level of generosity in our community, but it also demonstrated achdus (togetherness) by getting everyone, young and old, involved in celebrating Rabbi Kraines(zt’l)’s legacy.

“Thank you for supporting Yad Aharon who constantly, on a daily basis, gives to us as a community” (Yehuda Kraines).