21 Main Street, Rouxville, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Yad’s Soup for the Soul

As the countdown to May 5th continues, the excitement in the office and amongst our recipients is hardly containable, as we launch our newest project: “Yad’s Soup for the Soul”.

We have not even opened yet, and the comments and emails from clients, expressing their gratitude for this much-needed additional service, has been so encouraging.  Our bi-weekly Soup Kitchen will offer a place where people can cSoup-Kitchen-Poster-2 (3)ome and relax, mingle; and enjoy a wholesome, nutritious cup of “Pie Works” soup, with a roll/pie.  And the timing is perfect too, with winter on our door-step!

I believe that the concept of a Soup Kitchen tugs at people’s heart strings, and the response from Johannesburg’s kosher restaurants, bakeries and delis has been phenomenal. I have no doubt that our generous and supportive community will come to the party and contribute, as they always do.

In order to make it possible for everyone to get involved, there are a variety of options – which are widely affordable – because each cup of soup will nourish another soul: 


*Sponsor-a-Cup (R18.00)

*Sponsor-a-Pot (R360.00)

*Sponsor-a-Week (R1 800.00)


I will keep you posted every step of the way and stay tuned to Chai FM so as not to miss the interviews  leading up to this watershed event in the Johannesburg Jewish Community!

Le Chaim!

Warm regards,